Dear friends, dear fans! This troubled time seems that is not going to end very soon and there is no light at the horizon so far for many musicians as well as for many people. It is so sad. It seems impossible we were living a life before.
We don't want to give up to our life, to our art and since there is no many options ... we thought to become home musicians and play home for you. we can take any request. We miss playing and singing and we got a lot of message from guests and fans who are really missing us.
I am trying to learn how to stream live music and meanwhile I do it we will probably record session a nd put on our website. We are going to put also out Paypal link and the one of you who feel to support us is welcome and we do really appreciate. Hopefully soon will be possible to go back to our work and meet again many of you on beautiful MSC SHIPS. Meanwhile... stay safe and happy!



Until we will be back...

Last vision we had of DIVINA the day we disembarked by tenderboat... We left there collegues and friends and our Command. Be safe!

Dear all.

These are tough days for everyone. We left our beautiful MSC DIVINA on March 27th, 7 days after all our guests disembarked perfectly safely though the terrible thing is effecting all the world.

We had wonderful time on board, we met extraordinary people, some of them new and some of them we met already in the past seasons.

Seven years on this beautiful ship, seven years of memories and still more to come!

We will wait patiently meanwhile we will study new songs to make our guests and friends happy! Stay safe!🙂💋👍


For now is just an..ARRIVEDERCI MSC DIVINA!


FOR GOOD from WICKED with Judy Lombino on VICTORY I

My passion for singing musical started on MSC DIVINA a couple of years ago, with my friend and wonderful singer Enrico Bernardi. Then I started to open my eyes on this fantastic world and I fell in love with the most beautiful melody ever written. Then I got to sing with my husband and partner Greg Patton on VICTORY I last 2018 season on the Great Lakes in and out from Canada and USA. I got a blast having two Cruise Directors who were also terrific singer, Nancy Leach and Judy Lombino. Here I am singing the part of Elphaba with Judy!

ISLAND IN THE STREAM... thank you guy for all your smiles!

THE MOVIE IN MY MIND from Miss Saigon

Mr. Craig from Wales singing the Beatles "I saw her standing there"

Back, on the front desk of the Bar of LA LUNA lounge you can see a guest that was on board twice in a few weeks singing along with us. He told us he missed the music! Mr. Craig from Wales... wherever you are you made our days!!!

Live session tomorrow 13th July!

Another appointment with a live session! It is going to become almost a daily one since we are not allowed to play anywhere with this crisis that is still going on!
So we are asking to all our fans and supporters to join us to our live session that will take place


You will be able to give us HEARTS, tips! that you can buy directly on the website!

There are tips of any amount and anyway is not a duty!

Sparkling atmosphere in LA LUNA Bar of MSC DIVINA

This is our lounge LA LUNA during our last cruise, from 14th to 19th March. This was the atmosphere of happiness and good time we were always sharing with our guests. We didn't have ANY contagious on board and we can't wait to be back and once again having wonderful time!