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A new exiting season in MIami is coming!

25. Set, 2015

Bye bye Northetn Sea!

Sonia and Greg are on MSC ORCHESTRA crossing back to Europe! Soon they will be on MSC DIVINA for a new exiting Caribbean Season!
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3. Ott, 2015

Deserted relax!

After two months and a half of Northern Sea we are home relaxing! Getting ready in just three weeks to go vack to Caribbean Season!


Sonia and Greg play and sing country, pop, rock, folk, oldies, Broadway, standard for Cruises, Hotel, Casino, Private Events, Wedding... Great entertainment for any target, any taste and any age!  


Soon back to Caribbean Season

Sonia e Greg cantano e suonano country, pop, rock, folk, musica americana dagli anni '50, Broadway, standard per intrattenimento per crociere, Hotel, Casino, eventi privati, matrimoni. Sono la scelta perfetta per ogni tipo di pubblico!