Home sweet home after a great season on VICTORY I across the Great Lakes

We are home happy and enjoying this Christmas time, after 8 years we were on board! We will update soon our news about next season! Enjoy our website and music!

Merry Christmas to everyone!


This is a collection of the performances Greg and Sonia held last season on VICTORY I by Victory Cruise Lines in the Great Lakes season. A big thank to Ginger Watters, Nancy Leach, Judy Lombino and all the incredible staff and sweet people we met on board!
It was an incredible success! The atmosphere on the little ship was absolutely terrific with wonderful colleagues and staff! We really found our place!

VICTORY I enters Port Colborne

FOR GOOD from WICKED with Judy Lombino on VICTORY I

My passion for singing musical started on MSC DIVINA a couple of years ago, with my friend and wonderful singer Enrico Bernardi. Then I started to open my eyes on this fantastic world and I fell in love with the most beautiful melody ever written. Then I got to sing with my husband and partner Greg Patton on VICTORY I last 2018 season on the Great Lakes in and out from Canada and USA. I got a blast having two Cruise Directors who were also terrific singer, Nancy Leach and Judy Lombino. Here I am singing the part of Elphaba with Judy!

THE MOVIE IN MY MIND from Miss Saigon