AMERITALIAN on Victory 1 around the Great Lakes in Us and Canada

This is a collection of the performances Greg and Sonia held last season on VICTORY I by Victory Cruise Lines in the Great Lakes season. A big thank to Ginger Watters, Nancy Leach, Judy Lombino and all the incredible staff and sweet people we met on board!
It was an incredible success! The atmosphere on the little ship was absolutely terrific with wonderful colleagues and crew! We really found our place!



AMERITALIAN on Victory 1 Summer Season 2018

Time of our life on board of this little luxury cruise ship! Thank you Nancy Leach, Judy Lombino and all the great crew and command on board!

AMERITALIAN Greg and Sonia new PROMO

A collections of live performances during our last season in Caribbean on MSC DIVINA!

Victory 1 a little ship full of familiar atmosphere!

Sonia and Greg on MSC Ships


Our first season was in Caribbean with MSC POESIA in 2010.

We were back in Caribbean, after being in Mediterranean, Northern Sea, North Capital, Israel, Greece... in 2013 and never left MSC DIVINA where Sonia was chief musicians for 5 years.

We left there a piece of our heart thanks to the wonderful people we met and the guests who were so loyal and friendly to us!

Thank you to you all!


It was a great party every week on MSC DIVINA in the atrium. I was singing one hour and a half but it was fun! First part was Abba and then Flower Glory! The whole ship was rocking! Thank you Enrico Bernardi for joining me and having fun! Caribbean Season 2017

Friends for life you met on the ship!

In February 2017 Marina Vinogradova and the BCats welcome with a standing ovation Sonia Milan Patton on the stage of BLACK & WHITE lounge on board of MSC DIVINA during the first Crew Gala night. It was an unforgettable moment of friendship in a very hard moment of life on board! Thank you Marina, Alessandro, Sean and Kyril!

Abba Tribute... Atrium of MSC DIVINA, Caribbean Season 2017/2018

Abba tribute is always been great on MSC DIVINA! Here Sonia was holding two shows: Flower Glory followed by ABBA! The whole ship was rocking!


Sonia and Greg performing on MSC DIVINA in LA LUNA bar during a tribute to the Beatles

Ameritalian on Victory Cruise Lines

22. Mag, 2018

New horizon for Sonia and Greg!

Go and see the opportunity on VictoryCruiseLines. Amazing itinerary!

Guests speak about us...

26. Giu, 2017

Ameritalian Fans talk about us!

June 24, 2017

Regarding Ameritalian Duo

To Whom It May Concern:

We are huge fans of Ameritalian Duo. We will follow them to any cruise line, along with many of their other loyal fans.
Their talent is unbelievable and we sit for hours every night listening to them. They are incredibly versatile and so talented. Their upbeat songs make everyone want to get up and dance, and their soft melodies bring tears to the eyes. They sing from the heart and connect so well with their audience – they make passengers feel like they are part of their family. When Sonia and Greg entertain, the room fills with people. They work very hard but make it look so easy. They appeal to all ages.
We have cruised 47 times on 10 different lines and have seen talent and shows of all kinds. Sonia and Greg are far and away our favorites. We hope you have the privilege of booking them on your ship. It will bring you many happy and loyal passengers!

Thank you,
Alana and Scott DeGarmo
Windermere, FL 34786

"We took a cruise on the MSC Divina in March of 2017, and we liked the duo Ameritalian so much that we made sure not to miss any of their performances. This was our 14th cruise and our first with MSC Divina, and I must say they surely rate among the highest quality performers we´ve seen on any cruise. They have a wonderful large repertoire of songs in Italian, English, and Spanish that is quite impressive, and they are very accommodating with requests. We highly recommend them for any future cruises, and we look forward to seeing them on either MSC Divina or any other cruise lines."

Eduardo Corredera and Mark Metzman

Hello Sonia and Greg, if you can receive this message, we just want to tell you how much we enjoyed both of you each and every night in La Luna.
This was the very best cruise we have ever experienced. You are both so talented and great entertainers. Love all the music. Except for watching the Super Bowl, and the happiness of our team winning, Go Patriots! We did not go to any of the shows on the ship, we enjoyed the two of you, no need to venture any where else.
If you do not mind, we would like to stay in touch. Hopefully, in the future, we would like to sail on a ship that you would be entertaining.

Stay well, and stay happy....'till we all meet again.
Sending our best wishes, and love the Moon and Back!
Thanks again luv,
Carol and Walt from FLORIDA

Hi Sonia and Gregg,
We would just like to thank you both for the wonderful music, songs, and entertainment that you gave us on our cruise.
It really made our holiday so much more enjoyable.
We both loved you style and variety of music which was so appealing to us.
We really look forward to meeting up with you both again on our next cruise.
Very Best Wishes and Kind Regards- Michael & Kathleen Hurley

Best Regards
Michael Hurley


DUST IN THE WIND on MSC DIVINA with the great piano pianist Fernando Marin Peres

I KNOW HIM SO WELL with Marina Vinogradova

On a cruise, living 7/8 months together one builds a second family made of wonderful musicians who become so important to share terrific moments like this! Marina and the BCats with Sonia in Golden Jazz bar on MSC DIVINA

Home sweet home now!

Hi there... We just finished a wondeful season on MSC DIVINA, our fifth, full of satisfaction and hundreds of people enjoying our music.

7 years passed since we started to work with MSC. We had a great experience and we are thankful to this Company who gave us the opportunuty to grow up and to meet so many wonderful people that are loyal followers now!

Thank you for all the messages you guys sent us in our private mail and here!

We will enjoying now some vacation! We will soon update where the wind will take us, maybe to new horizon!



Sonia and Greg singing ABBA in LA LUNA! Pure joy for everybody!

February 2017 in LA LUNA lounge of MSC DIVINA. Ameritalian Duo is playing ABBA for a whole hour and people loved it!

AmeritalianVariety Duo



Sonia and Greg play 6 and 12 acoustic guitars and sing country, pop, folk, oldies, classic rock, Broadway, standard Jazz, international hits from the 50th to nowadays, for Cruises, Hotel, Casino, Private Events, Wedding. Great voices and live music, great entertainment for any target, any taste and any age! They are cruising around the world from 6 years, discovering lands and meeting people from all over the world. They met 11 years ago on CATSTEVENS website, Greg in USA and Sonia in Italy. Music was the reason they found one another and since that moment they put together their experiences starting an exiting life made of music and travels.  If you are looking for something terrific... you found it!


Right below a short extract of this wonderful show with a very special guest


A wonderful show we held in Pantheon Theatre of MSC DIVINA with a special guest!

  • Ameritalian won the award from the mystery guest!

    Last Caribbean Season was amazing for us! Besides having fun and a terrific success with our guests we were honored to receive the award from the mystery guest on MSC DIVINA. Thank you for the beautiful ceremony with Captain Veniero and our Cruise Director Andre Schlemmer and all the other Officers.

  • Greg's Award from the MSC Head of Entertainment Department in Ginevra

  • Sonia's Award from the MSC Head of Entertainment Department in Ginevra

We are on board of the beautiful MSC DIVINA once again until April 29th!

11. Feb, 2017


Hi there! We are having a wonderful season on board of beautiful MSC DIVINA. Still in LA LUNA lounge, still a lot of tribute to Beatles, Abba, Patsy Cline, Eagles, Bee Gees... We are amazed how our job is able to give us energy and joy! Thanks to all the people who come every night in LA LUNA to enjoy the music!!!

12. Giu, 2016

Ameritalianvariety Duo back to MSC DIVINA

Hi there people who follow us! For you who keep on writing asking where we will be and when... here we are! From July16th Sonia and Greg will be back to the wonderful MSC DIVINA in LA LUNA Bar! See ya there! :)

16. Ott, 2015


We will be ready to start a new exiting season on board of the magnificent MSC DIVINA starting from October 24th... We will be leaving from Genova and then Barcelona, Malaga... Funchal and then 5 days at sea and then... USA!!!!

3. Ott, 2015

Deserted relax!

After two months and a half of Northern Sea we are home relaxing! Getting ready in just three weeks to go vack to Caribbean Season!

25. Set, 2015

Bye bye Northern Sea!

Sonia and Greg are on MSC ORCHESTRA crossing back to Europe! Soon they will be on MSC DIVINA for a new exiting Caribbean Season!

Sonia e Greg cantano e suonano country, pop, rock, folk, musica americana dagli anni '50, Broadway, standard per intrattenimento per crociere, Hotel, Casino, eventi privati, matrimoni. Sono la scelta perfetta per ogni tipo di pubblico!