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Sito Web 25. dic, 2018


Sei così bravo, hai creato un sito così affascinante.

25. nov, 2018

Howard Shuster

I had the great pleasure of working on Victory1 with Greg and Sonia. Every night I looked forward to hearing them to wind down the day. It would be hard to find a more talented duo. It is not often that one can find people who are equally talented and
so comfortable in so many genres. Special and very fine people to me.

Sito Web 24. gen, 2018


Grazie per l'ottimo lavoro e le informazioni utili sul tuo sito!

Sito Web 11. feb, 2017


Mantenere il buon umore di tutti i giorni, e mi piace la tua parte

Sito Web 23. ago, 2016


Good! I can discovered many new things from your website.

2. ott, 2015

Gino e judy

Cheers from Canada

See you in December 2015

5. giu, 2015

adys martin

Auguri Sonia and Greg. I didn't know of this page otherwise I would have made comments on my two previous Divina cruises after watching you two. Truly enjoyed your songs and warmth. I wish you continued success in your career. Hope to see you again later
this year.

30. apr, 2015

Shena Gallegos

Hello To Sonia! I hope you remember my husband and I ( I was the Caucasian, tall blonde and my husband is Spanish) as we were on the MSC Divina April 4-10, 2015. We absolutely LOVED your voice and such genuinely sweet demeanor and personality you possess.
You sing emotion through your songs, I felt them. I cannot tell you how much your music touched me and how we think YOU NEED TO BE FAMOUS! Wow, your voice is really incredible. I enjoyed listening to you in La Luna and you were sweet enough to give me your
cd.. means A LOT! I listen to it all the time and I share it with my friends and family. I especially love your music in Italian like 'Quelqu'un m'a dit'!! And you were running the Art Auction on our cruise as well. I would love to keep in touch with you!
And we are hooked on the MSC Cruise lines! We are planning our next cruise and only want the ship you will be on! :) God bless you and thank you for making my, our cruise so memorable. You're beautiful inside and out.

13. mar, 2015


Hello to u both Greg and Sonia. I enjoyed your
Lovely music every night on Divina's New Year's cruise 2014 as well as the 💿 I bought.
Will be on board Nov and Dec New Year's cruise again this year.
Best Regards,
Irma Sanchez
San Juan ( 305 495 7403)

Sito Web 19. feb, 2015

Vic Wakeling

Hi Greg,
Just off Divina - enjoyed you both every night. I won the tee for knowing "Scrambled Eggs" title. I asked for "Try and Love Again by Eagles, Randy Meisner - so don't forget to give it a listen. Its on Hotel Calif album.
Thanks for the
great entertainment in LaLuna. Wish I could see you on Celebrity cruises.

26. gen, 2015


Ciao da Gino e Judy da La Divina in Decembre.
Happy new year and hope to see you again soon.we are going on the Fantasia in Feb

2. gen, 2014


ho avuto il piacere di conoscere Sonia and Greg a Milano P.zza Cadorna, ho acquistato un loro Cd che ho fatto ascoltare ad amici...semplicemente Awesome!!!
Neramente bravi!

Sito Web 3. set, 2013


Ho conosciuto sonia ad Italia's got talent. Una persona fantastica!

17. giu, 2013

ines sorrentino

ciao ci siamo conosciuti in piazza duomo.....voglio ancora farti i miei complimenti e spero di averti al matrimonio di mia figlia che si svolgerà il 15 giugno 2014 ciao ci risentiamo

13. giu, 2013


The best music around the world:Ameritalian
they are an enormous and brillant couple

9. giu, 2013


I remember Greg and Sonia everyday because they will be an authentic legend of the music..Sonia(Seville)

7. giu, 2013

Judy and Danny Boyer

We met Sonia and Greg on our first cruise. They are the reason we chose the same ship for our second cruise. Their passion for music is incredible.

31. mag, 2013


she has a beautiful voice and he's a great guitar player...don't miss them!
the sing with passion...they sing with the heart!
love you guys...hope to see you soon..

30. mag, 2013

Kelvin and Barbara

hi guys...miss u , hope all is good at home.....sending big hugs to u both from the 2 of us

30. mag, 2013