date of birth: Cherry Point, (North Carolina, USA) August 6th, 1955

Resident in Southern California, OC Nationality: USA

married with Sonia Milan


vocal type: tenor

Type of music: country, pop, folk, rock, musical,

He plays 6 and 12 acoustic guitar, harmonica,


He studied folk guitar since he was 7 years old by himself listening all the day long to the Beatles, James Taylor, Cat Stevens and the major American bands and singer song writers.


from 1974 to 1980 • He performed in Southern California as a singer/guitar player as a solo artist and also as duo with different partners in clubs, private events, casino, bars and weddings.

from 1981 to 2005

• He kept on performing in clubs

• He worked also as a bodyguard for many actors in Hollywood from 2005 to 2009

• He started his career with Sonia Milan as AMERITALIAN duo and performed in Malta, Southern California, Mexico, Italy, Germany, French, UK

from 2010 to 2017

  • He performed with Sonia Milan as a Duo on 5 different ships of MSC Cruises (MSC Poesia Caribbean Season 2010/2011, MSC MAGNIFICA Winter Season, MSC ORCHESTRA Spring Season, MSC DIVINA Inauguration and first Summer season in Mediterranean, MSC POESIA Caribbean season 2012/2013, MSC DIVINA from 2012 to 2015 Caribean Season, included the Brasilian season for the Soccer Worldcup, MSC DIVINA 2015/2016 Caribean Season

2018, from May to October

  • He performed with Sonia on board of VICTORY I in the Great Lakes season in and out from USA and Canada in the role of performer, and assisting Cruise Director in the Bingo and trivial and in the activities with the guests


English: mother language

Spanish: basic spoken


• Hard worker, very patient, kind and a real gentleman

• Exellent attitude to socialise with anyone, very friendly and very helpful

• Exellent passenger care, good spirit, cordial, strategic and interpesonal skills, good intuition

• working flair, self motivation and energy, good communication, ability to adapt

• able to work in diverse environments and able to run trivia with passengers during the musicl tribute

• Understanding of entertainment as an aid to revenue creation for particular venues


Together with Sonia Milan, he wrote more then 100 songs. Some of them are available on Itunes, in the CD “Like free butterflies”