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Bob Cumiskey 

Did you get your invite to do the MSC Seaside inaugural voyage? lol Got my fingers crossed.


 11 luglio alle ore 2:46


Sonia Milan Patton We were invited. But so far I don't think is gonna happen.... I will update on our website where we are going! Thank you! We do really appreciate your care!



Louis Hawkins

10 LUGLIO 18:24:22


What ship are you on now?? Hope to see you soon.


Ameritalian Variety Duo

we are home now! We will update our new location soon!



Louis Hawkins

Thanks hope to see you aoon.



Alana DeGarmo

Dear Sonia, Thank you so much once again for your beautiful singing and kindness.  We adore you and Greg!  You are so talented, kind, and engaging.  We cruise on the Divina because of you and cherish the nights we have in La Luna with you.  We are lucky and grateful to have found you and Greg and we will always find out where you are before booking an MSC cruise. You are a fantastic couple and you light up the nights with your amazing singing, which obviously comes from the heart.  Thank you again for another week of wonderful memories. Enjoy your much deserved time off.  We love you!  XOXO


Maria Pearson

I enjoyed all your songs every day , i was cruising last week . Sonia has a wonderful voice


Judy Fox

Hi from Gino and Judy

Hope to see you in December

Please say hi to Carole and Marsha two ladies we met last year on the divina

They go to see you as well

Say hi from Gino and Judy from Canada they are on the ship December 5th to 12th.


Judy Fox

Will see you on the 12th to 26th December

We are going on the Divina Dec 6-16th

There will be 10 of us.

All friends of ours.

Save 10 seats for us please on December 6th?

When r u going bCk to Florida?

Gino and Judy


Judi M. Vargo

I really enjoyed my evenings spent at La Luna on the MSC Divina...Cruise Jan 19-28!!!!  Just …..I would have LOVED to see the Fab Four Tribute that was in the Pantheon Theatre...rather than the rerun of shows on the last night of the cruise....Judi Vargo, Warren Michigan


Lillian Gualtiere Manning

R u guys still on msc?

O good r u going to do msc bermuda cruise from miami next april 2015

Ok ill try to keep in touch

Have a good vacation



Robert Ghitea

I am sorry I made it so difficult to find yourself on the video.  I just added Ameritalian as tags in the videos where you are featured so hopefully it will be easier for everyone to find you singing.  It was such a wonderful cruise and all the musical variety was so wonderful, but especially I enjoyed listening to you and your husband sing.  I was telling my brother that you have a soothing, angelic voice and it was wonderful to spend time listening and relaxing.  I wish you safe travels as you cruise the oceans and hope to see you again on the Divina next year.




Adda Margo

Sonia my name is adys martin. I shared the most wonderful time last week listening to you, Greg and Enrico the entire week, sometimes all the way in the back sometimes up front. I truly would  have loved to go with you to Europe. You'll  see who I am when you see my photo on face book. Congratulations and hope you have a wonderful audience like last week, April 11 - 18, 2015.





We started with a comment book during the first season and we still collect comments from our guests. This is a wonderful way to show the appreciation of our audience. Here some of the first comments and then other references collected during our career. 

Guests say on our comments book...

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Anna Werner - Cruise Director

I met Sonia Milan and Greg Patton, AMERITALIAN VARIETY DUO, for the first time six years ago, during the Caribbean Season on MSC Poesia 2010/2011 and I met them again in season, 2012/2013 always in the Caribbean on the same MSC ship and then MSC DIVINA in season 2013/2014 and 2014/2015.

My role was and still is the Cruise Director for more then 10 years  on MSC ships, and especially in the Caribbean.

During the first season, they performed as a duo in Bar dei Poeti, creating an excellent revenue in the Bar: they are able to make people really passionate about their repertoire, having people coming back every night  to enjoy the time.

They were always in time and their performances were very much appreciated by the passengers, who left hundreds of excellent comments.

Then next season they performed as single artist, sharing the same stage and their renditions contributed to create the highest score in the whole MSC Fleet in the entertainment department.

Then they are back to perform as a duo in LA LUNA Bar, which turn to be the crowded bar of the ship all the time.

They are very cordial, they work with passion involving the audience.

Along with their repertoire they suggested and performed  different tribute with their huge repertoire, from the Beatles to country music, Adele, Eagle, always filling to capacity the major lounges and creating extra revenue.

Sonia and Greg are always available to play with our musicians, without counting the extra time and I can say I never saw in my ship life, concerts done in such a professional matter, able to satisfy all ages group and genres.

I dearly recommend them for entertainment.

Cruise Director

ANNA WERNER, Cruise Director MSC Poesia, Msc Divina

Matthias Schnabel - Indipendent Entertainment Professional

27 maggio 2013, Matthias ha lavorato direttamente con Sonia presso Studio Festi Srl

Guido Belli - Cultural Manager
29 maggio 2013, Guido ha lavorato direttamente con Sonia presso Studio Festi Srl