AMERITALIAN Variety Duo is a unique acoustic duo formed by Sonia Milan from Milan, ITALY and Gregory Jack Patton from Los Angeles, California, USA.

We play and sing professionally since 1980 on land in resorts, casino and private events each of us in our own country. We have been cruising from 2010 all around the world on 6 different ships of an Italian Company, collecting a quite huge experience of ship life (emergency drill included), obtaining a remarkable success from the audience. 

Last Season, from May to October 2018, we were on VICTORY I, by Victory Cruise Lines, a beautiful small luxory ship where we had the time of our life on the Great Lakes of USA and Canada.

We experienced very different audiences on cruise: someone wishes to hear popular Top 40's/50's/60's hits, some other jazz standards, oldies. That's why our group’s musical catalog is huge, and consist of music from several different genres: POP, COUNTRY OLD AND NEW STYLE, OLDIES, EVERGREEN, BROADWAY, EASY LISTENING, STANDARD JAZZ, FOLK, CLASSIC ROCK so that it can be enjoyed by audiences of varying ages and mentalities, including several styles of ballroom dance music (like Rumba, Cha-Cha, Waltz, Fox- Trot, Tango, Country dance, etc.), besides a long list of hits of the moment such as Shania Twain, Adele, Taylor Swift, etc.. , including songs in French, Italian, English, Spanish, Portuguese, German and even songs in Arabic, Turkish and Vietnamese, since you meet people all over the world in a cruise.

It would be very difficult to cover literally ALL styles of music with only 2 band members so, this is why we used soundtracks (Mp3, no midi) where we play and sing on live, and that allow us to play and sing for the same guests without repeating ourselves, since we have a sequencing for more then 1000 songs (see the list attached that is increasing every day). Sometime we get our audience involved in some way, for example asking them which kind of music they like to hear or with trivia about the style we are performing (which movies, which album, etc...). People always appreciates it.

We are also able to see if they want just to listen, or just having a nice background: in that case we play and sing just with our guitars, trying to make their cruise as something special to remember. Many people told us that our music take them back in their 70's, during the "flower power" and so they choose our lounge as a comfortable sitting room.

We understand also our job as a way to create revenues. And it ALWAYS worked out extremely good. On occasion, we are able to work as a solo artist sharing the same stage in alternative schedule timing. This is possible because we have our own repertoire. But this is up to the Company.